Early Years Specialist Inclusion Support Service

Individual Support

Some nursery/preschool children, with a high level of need, may require 1:1 help to access the full experience to which they are entitled.

Springboard has an outreach service of specialist, experienced Early Years Practitioners who attend a setting with a child.

Their role is to work closely with settings or school staff to ensure that the child is fully included, and able to access a wide range of indoor and outdoor play and learning opportunities at the appropriate developmental stage.

A Springboard Early Years Practitioner will suggest strategies to support the child and liaise with the child’s key person to draw up Individual Progress Plans which are implemented and regularly reviewed with parents / carers.

Cost for individual support: £16.00 per hour

Setting Support

A Springboard Inclusion Advisor can visit the Early Years setting regularly e.g. monthly, to train the setting’s team to support the child by modelling strategies and giving suggestions.

Specific aims for the support will be drawn up between the setting, the Inclusion Advisor and the child’s parents / carers. These aims will relate to the individual child but also support on-going quality improvement and inclusive practice.

The Inclusion Advisor will liaise with the child’s key person to draw up Individual Progress Plans.

Links will be made with other relevant professionals. Support will be given on how to implement therapy advice and programmes.

Cost for Support Visits: £21 per hour

Shared Support

A Springboard Early Years Practitioner to help two or more children – attending the setting at the same time – access all areas of the curriculum.

The Springboard Early Years Practitioner will increase the adult: child ratio and give some individual support when appropriate.

Cost for shared support: £16.00 per hour

If you are a Setting and would like to discuss any of the above please contact us on 01275 341113