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Play Sessions

Specialist sessions

Our specialist sessions are small groups with a maximum of 10 children. There is a high level of adult support typically around 3-4 specialist staff together with trained volunteers.
Where possible, we try to place children in a group which will best suit their level of development and need, mixing with other children similar to themselves. This allows the practitioners to create modified groups that can be attended by all, in addition to focusing on each child’s individual targets and support. 
All sessions have a structure which allows time for seated group times, free play and individual target work. Our range of specialist resources gives the opportunity for every child to attend activities at their own level and we particularly love messy play!
Our practitioners follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (with adaptations for Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) and each child is guided through this with targeted provision in particular areas as highlighted.
We work in conjunction with other professionals such as speech and language, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and health visitors to provide a holistic and individualised programme to support each child’s development.